Safe and Reliable Workhorses

Here’s one of our GEDA GmbH 1200ZZP (1500kg payload) Transport Platforms looking great in the Edinburgh sunshine this morning.

We haven’t had one breakdown or service call on this unit since it was installed 16 months ago – and that’s testament to …

– Quality Equipment from GEDA GmbH
– First class installation
– Robust inspection regime
– Great communication and mutual respect with our client.

Scot Hoist Ltd only use the best equipment the indusrty has to offer, installed by some of the most experienced installers in the indusrty, inspected and maintained by some of the best engineers in the indusrty, and all backed up by our totally committed hire desk.

When you hire from us you’re not just hiring a hoist, you’re hiring 18 years of trusted experience in the hoist industry.

Scot Hoist Ltd – Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork